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2X Entertainment is focused on bringing a cross-platform of martial arts, dance and acrobatics performance to film, television, live stage and marketing performances.

2X has been all over the world giving performances large and small to audiences of all types. We continue to push the limits of what's possible creatively and physically to exhilarate and entertain.

Team 2X is the cast that performs 2X's style of movement. Their faces and moves are proven marketable - they have been seen and are known throughout the world. Their on-line videos have had literally tens of millions of views, and their marketing tactics can be so extreme that they generate media attention in their own right. Team 2X have also performed professional theatre in top venues and hotels in China, Hong Kong, The United States and Canada. Core members of the team are frequently asked to stunt and choreograph Hollywood features.

Team 2X performers are recognized martial arts stunt performers that haved worked on such films as: Jumper, The Mummy 3 and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Team 2X also specializes in action design, fight choreography, stunt performing, wirework and actor training.

From appearing in television ads to extreme styles of marketing and presenting products, Team 2X creates and implements high-impact campaigns.

With international and professional experience, 2X is always prepared to appear at venues and tour with one of their unique shows.

2X continues to give back to the community by offering seminars and workshops that teach their very own style called Xtreme Skills Development. XSD allows students to learn the skills they've seen and love in a safe and controlled environment.

All 2X instructors are fully insured and certified coaches, ensuring the best quality of instruction.